World Bank Legal Team

Thank you for agreeing to give us your feedback on the new version of Your response helps us improve our website. Mahmoud Elsaman joined the Women, Business and Law team in October 2020. Previously, he worked for the Egyptian judiciary, the International Development Law Organization in Italy and the law firm Ibrachy and Dermarkar in Egypt. Mahmoud holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the Faculty of Law, Cairo University in Egypt. He holds a Master of Laws from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in International and Comparative Law and a Master of Laws for Development from Loyola University School of Chicago. Mahmoud is currently completing his SJD (Ph.D.) degree at the Central European University in Austria. He is a native Arabic speaker. Marie Hyland joined the Women, Business and Law team as an economist in October 2019.

She joined the World Bank in 2016. Marie holds a PhD in Economics from Trinity College Dublin. As part of her PhD, Marie spent some time as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Maryland. As a member of the Women, Business and Law team, Marie`s work focuses on the economic impact of gender equality legal reform. Emilia Galiano joined the Women, Business and Legal team in January 2021 as a Private Sector Development Specialist. She has a background in international relations and international political economy and earned a master`s degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Prior to joining the World Bank Group, she led a team of community engagement and facilitation professionals within the World Bank Group that worked to integrate and empower the organization`s more than 300 communities of practice to connect development practitioners with the practical, localized knowledge they need to be most effective. She is fluent in Italian, German and Spanish. Tea Trumbic is the Program Manager of the Women, Business and Law Project in the World Bank`s Vice Presidency of Development Economics, where she leads a dynamic team responsible for creating data and analysis on laws and regulations impacting women`s economic opportunities in 190 economies. She joined the World Bank in 2006 and worked on the Doing Business project on corporate taxation and credit information regulation. She has also developed indicators focused on agribusiness regulation, with her work focusing on market access and the impact of regulation on women in rural areas.

Prior to joining the World Bank, Tea worked at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia and the International Monetary Fund. She holds a bachelor`s degree in economics from Stanford University and a master`s degree in economics from the London School of Economics. The Latin America and Caribbean region continues to be at the forefront of the Bank`s innovative projects that also require innovative legal solutions for clients in the region. These clients primarily represent advanced middle-income economies, which therefore look to the Bank to support complex transactions across a range of sectors. In line with the World Bank`s comprehensive strategy to reduce poverty and promote shared prosperity, the Bank is addressing the region`s complex development challenges by offering a unique range of financial services that go beyond traditional lending. Drawing on its global expertise, the bank also provides advisory, knowledge and convening services tailored to the needs of each country. The Legal Vice-Presidency assists in designing operations, drafting and negotiating legal arrangements for those transactions, managing their approval by the Board of Directors and facilitating responsiveness to changing circumstances during the conduct of operations. The goal of the program is to provide you with first-hand experience of the World Bank`s day-to-day operations by working closely with the staff of the Legal Vice Presidency. As a member of our team, working directly with exceptional and inspiring development experts and senior executives, you will have the opportunity to contribute to Legal Vice Presidency`s legal services and attend high-level events and conferences held during your articling period.

You clicked a link to a page that is not part of the beta version of the new Before we go, we would love to hear your feedback about your experience during your stay here. Do you take two minutes to complete a short survey that will help us improve our website? The Environmental and International Law practice group assists banks` internal and external clients in promoting environmentally and socially sustainable development, in accordance with the Bank`s policies and relevant international laws. LEGEN`s work program includes the provision of legal advice and services to Bank regions, global practices and other Vice-Presidencies on operational aspects of environmental and international law in Bank-financed projects, including those related to environmental and social protection; knowledge creation and exchange; and the development of environmental and international law policies and procedures. Environmental issues include environmental and resource issues such as climate change, biodiversity, pollution, international waters and water resources management, as well as social issues such as displacement and indigenous peoples. Olena Mykhalchenko joined the Women, Business and Law team in May 2020. He conducts research and analysis related to labour laws and reforms. She has done considerable work in the field of labour law, gender equality and non-discrimination in new technologies and has more than eight years of experience in the not-for-profit, public and private sectors.

Previously, she worked with the Portulans Institute, the International Bar Association, the International Law Commission and the National Capital Association for the United Nations. She received her B.A. and LL.M. in Law from Taras Shevchenko National University in Kyiv (Ukraine) and an LL.M from George Washington University School of Law as a Fulbright and Thomas Buergenthal Scholar. She speaks English, Ukrainian and Russian. Lara is interested in joining the Women, Business and Law team in January 2021 and supports the Child Care Indicator. Prior to WBL, she worked with the sub-national Doing Business project in the UAE and worked as in-house counsel in D.C. Lara is a licensed lawyer of the Beirut Bar with over six years of experience in corporate and civil law in the MENA region.

She has advised and represented public and private stakeholders, worked on the development of legal guidelines and regulations for Expo Dubai 2020 and the implementation of guidelines for UN refugees in Lebanon. Lara is a member of the New York State Bar. She holds a Master of Laws from the Lebanese University and an L.L.M. from George Washington University specializing in business law and financial law. She is fluent in Arabic. Thank you for participating in this survey! Your feedback is very helpful to us as we work to improve the functionality of the website on The Institutional Management practice group provides a wide range of legal advice to clients across the banking group. LEGIA is responsible for managing the Bank`s external litigation in the United States and around the world, ensuring the protection of the Bank`s privileges and immunities.

LEGIA also represents the management of the banking group in internal labour law disputes by preparing oral arguments and, if necessary, participating in hearings, which may include oral argument on legal issues as well as evidentiary proceedings with examination of witnesses. The LEGSG provides specialized expertise in project finance, structured finance, credit enhancement, and public-private financing arrangements for World Bank operations, in coordination with colleagues in the Financial Solutions Unit, as well as World Bank regional and global staff and staff from the World Bank`s Ministry of Finance. LEGSG members are active at all stages of the project cycle: from design, design and upstream structuring, to World Bank Board approval, review, preparation and negotiation of legal documents (regular collaboration with leading international law firms acting on behalf of sponsors and private sector lenders) to financial close and afterlife. In addition, the LEGSG provides legal policy advice to World Bank departments and staff on issues related to its areas of involvement.